Registration FeeRM 100.00New StudentRM 100.00New Student
Material FeeRM 200.00( Per year)RM 300.00( Per year)
Snacks FeeRM 700.00( Per year)RM 1,000.00( Per year)
Levels/YearsHalf DayFull Day
Pre-School         : < 3 years old200380
Pre-School         : 4 years old200380
Reception Year : 5 years old185350
Kindergarten    : 6 years old165300
Number of children enrolled1 st Child2 nd Child3 rd child


Entrance TestRM100.00( New student)
Registration Fee RM300.00 ( New student)
 Annual Administrative / Miscellaneous Fee RM500.00 (All Students)
Enrichment Programme Fee RM800.00(All Students)
Insurance RM20.00 (All Students)
Lunch (compulsory for Primary 1 ,2 & 3) RM1000.00 (per year)
Swimming Program (optional)RM1000.00(per year)
Cambridge International Examination ( CIE )Examination fees  payable to CIE for check point levels(year 6 & 9 only)
Level of StudyTuition Fees
Lump sum (RM)
2 Payments
Jan & June (RM)
3 Payments
Jan/Apr/Aug (RM)
Primary 16,000.003,100.002,200.00
Primary 26,300.003,300.002,300.00
Primary 36,500.003,400.002,400.00
Primary 47,000.003,650.002,550.00
Primary 57,300.003,800.002,650.00
Primary 67,900.004,050.002,850.00
Secondary 17,900.004,050.002,850.00
Secondary 28,300.004,250.002,950.00
Secondary 38,700.004,450.003,100.00
Secondary 48,900.004,550.003,150.00
Secondary 59,200.004,750.003,250.00


Number of children enrolled1 st Child2 nd Child3 rd child
Incentive20% off Tuition Fee30% off Tuition Fee

1. All fees must be paid in cash, crossed cheque or Banker’s draft and made payable to SBK Integrated Education Sdn Bhd.

2. No credit card facility at this current time.

3. Registration fees are not refundable and must be paid upon registration to secure your child’s seat.

4. All fees must be paid by the 5th of the month.

5. The management reserves the right to take relevant action where fees are overdue for more than 15 days.

6. The management reserves the right to charge an additional administrative fee for late payments.

7. Any fee variation shall be with the written consent of the CEO only.

8. All fees are subjected to change without prior notice.

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