ST Benedict School was established in 1999 as a private educational institution, transforming students through knowledge, integrity, respect and character building. The syllabus offered is in accordance to the Malaysian National Schools Curriculum. Students are provided at its Primary and Secondary with access to the University of Cambridge International Curriculum for Mathematics, Science and English. This is to ensure that the children will have access to both local and international assessments for all these subjects.

We not only strive to achieve outstanding academic achievement but also nurture our students socially, emotionally and physically. We believe that with continuous encouragement,support and guidance will develop our students holistically.

Our teachers are carefully selected based on their qualification and years of teaching experience. They are compassionate about delivering the best student’s care to the students. Teachers are regularly reviewed as part of the Key Performance Indexes (KPI) and control on the teaching-learning quality.

Each student is assigned to a teacher who in turn monitor them closely. Teachers are required to closely monitor the progress of the individual students and to be responsive to the individual student needs. Assistance in the form of tuition and ‘Catch up’ classes are also provided to students to assist them academically.The teachers interact regularly and frequently with parents to update the progress of the students in the school.

We consistently seek to promote learning in a ‘Fun-fill’ manner and at the same time monitor their well-being in school. Our main focus is to allow students to grow with their full potential which includes providing them with strong academic foundation, build up their confidence, encourage independent learning, develop their Information Technology and enrich communication skills. Last but not least, as the list is non exhaustive we assist to mold and build good character and nurture respect in the students.

Vision Statement

“To be the premier private school in Malaysia.”


At SBK, we are committed to imparting essential knowledge, skills, culture and belief that will mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally inculcate in our students a set of moral, social and personal values that reflect the Malaysian culture.

Our mission is to prepare and mould the Malaysians of 2020. At ST Benedict School, we do not teach. We Educate.We educate and prepare every student for a life characterized by ‘Knowledge, Progress in Science, Excel in Sports and Performing Arts.

ST Benedict School                                                                                           

No 88, Jalan Industri Galla 8, Taman Mutiara Galla,  70200 ,Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

TEL: +606 762 9623 Fax: +606 762 9588